Sunday, November 1, 2009


It has been way too long since I've posted pictures. It is hard to believe that Elijah is almost 14 months old! Most of my friends have Elijah's birthday party on their blogs and I do not! Soon...

Elijah is walking beautifully and quickly these days! I am stunned by how rapidly he became proficient. He can stand up from a sitting position independently and doesn't need to pull up on anything. It is really strange for me to see him do that. He's not a baby any longer. He can change directions quite easily also and he has just started to do a bit of a "run" when he is excited. I have tons I'd like to share and at this point, I still hope to catch up on the blog, but it seems impossible so lets just take a quick look at Halloween!

A sweet woman from our church, Dorothy, found a clown costume at a garage sale that was just his size and thought of Elijah. He wore it when the youth had their Halloween party on Wednesday and he was adorable. A few of the girls who babysit Elijah helped me paint his face. Have I ever mentioned the incredible babysitters we have!? They love Elijah and he adores them! We feel very blessed. To finish off our costume theme, I was a lion and Aaron was a lion tamer. Cute, huh! That was Aaron's witty idea.

On Halloween night, Elijah was an octopus. My friend, Kim, who is really into making amazing costumes loaned us the octopus costume that her three boys have outgrown. On Halloween we went with our friends (Ian, Lisa and Aidan) to trick or treat in the downtown Ballard area on Market street and then to dinner. The local businesses had candy for the kids. I was pretty overwhelmed by the large crowd, but it was great fun. Elijah had a portion of his first sucker. He was NOT a happy camper when we decided he had had enough. I think it is safe to say he's definitely going to be like his mommy and have a sweet tooth.

After dinner, Aaron, Elijah and I went to a few houses to trick or treat and then went to a carnival at a church. There was a professional photographer taking pictures so we got a really nice shot of Elijah on a bale of hay. Enjoy the pictures of our sweet toddler!